Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The treasures of Gyeonju

Gyeonju is a burial place for many of the Silla kings way back in the days when Korea was split across seven provinces. They lived a pretty life of luxery and these are some of the things buried with them. The silla empire were the first to officially accept buddhism as there religion.

This wall is totally amazing but you can't really see it from a camera indoors.
These are early signs of the zodiac

Looks like bling was in fashion then.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tae Kwon Do and other pics

My friend nicknamed Mowgli just passed his gundo registration and can now carry swords. I don't know how as the guy is a nutter but a friendly one.
I recieved this an age ago but thought I would photo it for posperity sake. If you click on the pic you can read it. I know it's not perfect but the girl is 11/12 years old (it's difficult to tell in Korean as they work out their age differently and are shy about telling you their birthdays) I know I couldn't write in German (what I studied at school) that well even now.
A villge camp montage where I went with my school in the summer. It's old but I got these photo's as a souvenir gift.
I'm in the newspaper with my Tae Kwon do class
Practising at home (spot the crafty hand on the chair as I wait for the camera to flash)

Here is the news paper in full. I don't think it's clear enough to tell but there are three of us foreigners in there.