Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Woobang Land

We visited Woobang land which is a small amusement park in Daegu based around a tall tower. inside the tower is a rather smart aquarium which we had fun in.
apparantly 'Snappy' doesn't like turtles. Cheryl found it amusing that I gave all the animals nicknames.
Timmy and Tricia liked each other.
They had a much smaller and duller environment than the playful penguins we met in Busan but Percy, Peter and Petulia seemed ok. Don't make Howard angry or he'll move and give you a stare. (just as we were wondering if he was real or plastic he moved and gave us a look like he understood what we were saying and had insulted him - I nearly believed it but I wasn't talking in Korean)
Around the park properly were allsorts of amusing transportation. We wanted to play on these but the younger kids kept beating us to them, we even played on using them as a getaway truck in a Goldie Lookin Chain take off. Would have made a good photo!
The entrance. I've given up putting things in order. Compared to english amusement parks it was really cheap and all inclusive.
There wasn't even much queing.

The pirate ship (or as the Koreans and Canadians called it viking ship) was amusing as we were copied in our arm waving. I'm not sure if the Koreans were going to do it anyway but we certainly started it and they were happy to join in. We tried this on other rides too and you would be amazed how much a vowel scream, whoosh or swoop impresses the kids here.
The parade is like a small version of disneyland but with scary characters. Look out for my next blog for a full video.
the tower looked impressive lit up at night.
The log flume looked tranquil.
Like everything else here in Korea the park was set amongst the hills and allowed for some amazing views while you waited in line.

The ghost house was tame but allowed us to be mischevious scaring Korean kids with yelps and running....
The monsters dancing outside were scarier though the odd gasp of gas just seemed mean as it made some people jump.

I'm not sure which one is meant to be the permanent fixture. (I'm gonna get really beaten up for this post)

The fun house was fun. We kept up the silliness anyway.

There was a pretty cool sledging section that we tried out.
Cheryl was meant to be in this picture but she got stopped at the top. I laughed but actually managed to barrel role the sledge myself.

Not the best photo but if you enlarge it you'll notice it's Cheryl with windswept hair on the nearest sledge. (I'm refusing to write sled).

Inside the tower is an observatory platform, a science exhibition, the afore mentioned aquarium and an ice skating rink.
I shouldn't go skating with canadians when I can't skate much better than a baby elephant. This is where I pay for my earlier comments. Look I'm standing... GIMCHI!
The crash helmet was needed. It's best to take photo's like this as I can pretend to be standing.
Apparently even putting on my skates was amusing.
In the next post along with the video of the parade will be me doing a lap.... without falling over. Watch this space.

Korean Theatre (Miss Saigon)

So we went to the theatre and saw a few humerous things. Firstly the amount of flashes that went off for the encore gave me the impression that I was allowed to take photo's inside!!! As Korea is a very private country I was disappointed to find out that even in the brothel there wasn't any semi-nudity! We had good seats towards the front as well.
This is outside the theatre, which they describe as opera house. (side note - having being writing American for so long it's really tempting to spell it theater.)

Don't we look sweet all dressed up. I asked a friendly Korean to take the photo and wasn't sure which one looked best so you get both! It was interesting following the production in Korean. They had even re-worked all the songs but the performance was top notch and if I could have understood it fully would have thought it amazing. I knew what was going on as I have seen it before in English.
Another shot of the impressive opera house. There were many funny moments in the play where some things were mis-interpreted such as when they sung "The American Dream" they had a cartoon video of the statue of liberty getting a boob job and humping an american dollar. Quite amusing.

Told you we had good seats. This was taken without a zoom. I wish I could have the set in as it was really good and moved very convincingly.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

a backwards birthday post

First here are some pics from my actual birthday in Geochang at a place called Chingu ya which means "Hey friend". Here are some of my friends Martyn and Sunny.
I had to share my cake with the whole bar (as is Korean tradition) luckily my fans were kind enough to buy me two cakes! The flash doesn't half make it look like I've gone red.

Who did we give what to?
I'd love to tell the story but I really can't remember what was happening here.

So this was a triple birthday party including my own as we had birthdays within 3 days of each other. Like an idiot I have posted these so the pics of us drunk are at the top and the getting read pics are at the end.
See... I told you we were drunk.

Only the classy bars sell those background t-shirts.

There was some dancing amid the drunken chaos.

I don't always hide behind the camera.

Here are the three of us blowing out our birthday candles.

Here they are getting ready.
The birthday girls.
no I'm not turning the picture around.. they were levitating.

Our meal at Bennigans.

These pics were taken around the same time and i don't have another post to put them on.