Thursday, June 14, 2007

Deokgung palace and a shrine (nuff said)

big palace
hello king (and conky)
a procession of peps

Some spectacular waterfalls.

main building was closed for reconstruction while were there.
I had an amusing thought.

Interesting place to have a shrine and make gifts.

Should have mentioned this is all in Seoul FYI

Just have a graze around, see where sacrifices were made, etc. Normal day.

Insadong, a very famous shopping and tea place.

This tea is called jujube and it tastes a little like cinnamon and fruit. you gotta try these things while in Korea.

Adults spend a lot of the day playing board games in parks.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Seoul palace no.3

This is a cool palace in Seoul used by the most recent kings and their concubines... so I took my conky to have a look. That door you can see leads to a huge beautiful and supposedly secret garden but we'll get to that later.
I just wanted a pic of what is was like walking down the halls.
These animals represent those that defend the palace and are on all of the outer buildings.
The passage in the background between the two buildings is what seperates the kings and queens rooms. It wasn't mentioned but I'm guessing although relations are impolite in korea this passage was a front for "the booty call".
Before he died the king left some furniture in his room.

It's an absolutely huge place that takes an hour and half to walk around quickly.

Ok so we went through the gate and saw lots of cool stuff... suitable for a king (me) nonetheless.

This pond is filled with lily's and well hidden from view.
This is in the centre of the secret garden. It used to be a library but I'm guessing the king loved going here for a break from the queen and his concubines.

Those shots were all of the same place.

Walking around the gardens is fun but unfortnately you have to be part of a guided tour to do it as the grounds are protected like a nature reserve.
The concrete gate you can see apparently gives eternal youth to anyone who passes through it. At least thats what the inscription claims. i got a bad back rushing through.

all in all wondering around this palace is a great way to spend time in Seoul.

In the summer though you just gotta hide in the shade.