Sunday, October 07, 2007

The real last weekend (party at my place)

There was lots of dancing

sleeping and drinking
Dillon just being sleepy
A few moments of drunken behaviour from Mick

Some dodgy 4 string guitar playing.

Stealing jackets????

making candles

playing on the balcony

Til we were told we were too noisy and had to go back inside.

Phil, Dillon, Cheryl, David, Chris, Kara, Mick (hidden) and Martyn at my place.

Jack and Steve chillin on the balcony
Cheryl and Sunny
Eating meat from a stick
or just playing with it

From dusk til dawn

Me, Mick, Jack, Cheryl and Martyn

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The last weekend (but one)

We originally thought that this would be my last weekend in Geochang and it also coincided with Chris's birthday. So we thought we would have a singsong at a norrybang.

Obviously we had to give Chris the bumps.
Phil sang his heart out.
And Micheal danced away his.

In the bars we tried bamboo shots.
While the girls chatted away.

Megan came back from Daegu to join us and reunite with her brother.

I'm not sure if we were having a staring competition or not.
Lauren, Dillon and Chris
Goodbye to J & B. hope to see you again one day.

Sally, Sunny and Micheal

A big group of westerners drinking is enough to scare any korean.
Martyn and Sunny still looking good together.

I'm pretty sure they have no idea whats going on... ever.

Steve likes to share his crisps.
David and Jack wondering why they came out!
Hyun Joo serving us all drinks

The cake and
THE HAT. Another Sunny in the background
Smoky Phil and Kara

I forgot the night started with a nice bbq meal, Here is Sally, cheryl and David enjoying it.
blurry pictures of blurry people.. and Dillon aka Superman