Thursday, July 27, 2006

Daegu (eating and drinking)

We didnt get a lot done in Daegu except find some food and drink. The shops were plentiful but a lack of money and a lot of rain put us off.
This is another Steve. A New Yorker and proud of it. He is a clever man with many stories to tell. He has been in Korea just a month longer than me so I hope to get to know him a little better before I leave.
Ahh i found some meat. Some proper meat. This is one thing I really miss from England, I don't like being vegetarian all the time.
Check out the chilled beer we found. It was particulary nice because of my steak. It was iced to the top when it was served.
I don't know why but photo's of Martyn always amuse me.


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Linda Humphries said...

I didn't realize the Koreans were vegetarian. What happened to the good ole korean bbq?