Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Korean meal (bbq)

This is me and Jack practising silly handshakes. We had, had a few Soju's at this point.
Jack and Mowgli insist that I make this gesture but i have no idea why.
Martin, my friend from England! He lieves in Cumbria and behind him is the lovely Summer. I say lovely we can't actually communicate that well as my Korean and her English need a little improvement.
The green bottles are Soju which you drink as a shot. The fanta is necessary to stop your mouth from disintergrating. You basically put garlic and chilli peppers on all types of meat which is cooked in the centre of the table. Food is cut with scissors instead of a knife and often wrapped in a lettuce leaf.
The gloved hands are what you eat with. If you are eating you are allowed to use your left hand for drinking. I do not know who the guy in the middle is as he cant speak English but he is friends with Jack (who lived in Australia for 3 years and can therefore speak English pretty well).


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