Thursday, July 27, 2006

Outside the war museum

This is a fascinating museum that is stupidly cheap as it takes about 5 hours to go around and costs about 2 pounds. It's main focus is on the Korean war but there are also sections on the invasions of the Japanese and Chinese. Outside there are many of the machines used in the war that you can go in and look around

And descriptions on how they were used and deployed. The South koreans were heavily outgunned and out numbered during the war.

There are also many statues documenting the struggle and commemorating the dead. It is a very moving experience with many personal tales.

You can read this by double clicking the photo to enlarge it. It makes you think twice about laughing at Team America. The whole area is a tribute to the honour and bravery of the soldiers.
This is the first statue you see. It shows two brothers, one who was fighting for the north and one for the south. They met on the battle field and sobbed in each others arms.
This mural is in the mound of the above statue and was dedicated by loved ones of the deceased.


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