Saturday, August 05, 2006

Daegu town centre

There many sights in Daegu that I can really show but I like the city. This first one is a massive department store that is famous all over Korea. It is quite expensive and from what I can tell it is like the Korean version of Harrods. It's called Lotte world. The markets of Daegu are why it is famous. In terms of land space Daegu is actually bigger than Seoul.
Just wanted a picture of myself and thought I'd show you my hotel room in Daegu. Its pretty fancy really.
Daegu is very organised and has districts for everything. I photographed this one cos the sign was in English as well. Unless you click the photo you won't be able to tell this is Jewellry street. all of the shops are Jewellers. This is why Korea has some low prices because everyone is in competition with each other, next door to each other!

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