Sunday, August 13, 2006

I got invited to a bbq

One of my Korean friends invited me over to his house for a bbq. His house is just outside the main town in the country and I like the back drop of this picture.
This is Megan and Vicky. Most of the Koreans have an English name as well which they ask us to call them (although Megan is actually Korean-American)
The host cooking away on his home made bbq. Jack was very proud of his creation and cooked us up some good food. In case you were wondering, no we didn't eat the dalmation in the back ground.
We stayed out til dark. My final introduction is another Jack in the middle. We ended up staying up pretty late that night but its good to get to know people.
Gaumbe (cheers) as the drinks did flow. In most Korean tables you sit on a raised section with only a slightly bigger section for the food. The Koreans all sit cross legged which can get a bit uncomfertable after a while but they allow westerners forgiveness for not being as supple.

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