Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Korean club

So as I mentioned it was my friends birhtday and we hit a Korean club. It was mainly R'n'B but more suprisingly it was mainly English songs (from about 5 years ago)
Only three of us made it as far as Daegu and I thought I would catch a picture of Martyn with a straw!
Random person alert! I have no idea who this person is but clearly wanted to take a picture. I remember she was Canadian. Canadian people seem to like me.
Me and Megan when we can both still stand. This was the first club we found. It was called Bubble which I found amusing as there wasn't anything similar to bubbles in there. Disappointed already.
Catching Martyn and Megan dancing without them knowing had proved difficult but soo as they got drunk it was another story.

A Western bar that treated us normally. I have gotten used to be stared at and having a celebrity status. The bar men even said "cheers mate" after I had ordered in Korean. This place was very similar to the little civic in music and decor for those that know Wolverhampton.

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