Sunday, October 15, 2006

Daegu soccer match

So I finally got to go to a soccer match in Daegu stadium. It is also purpose built for the world cup and is nothing short of magnificent.
A nice suprise when we got there was that we got free tickets. I tried asking how much they were and was just waved away. Result!
There are video boards and sculptures at either end of the stadium which was sadly empty despite the free tickets.

So we got a perfect view!
I even ran to the top of what must be at least a 50,00o seater.

i went with Martyn and Steve who aren't quite as enthusiastic as me about soccer.
The biggest suprise was that Daegu (who are struggling in the league) beat Seoul (K'league powerhouses) 2-0. the supporters went mad.
there were Mexican waves and dancing in the aisles (there was plenty of room). Thispicture is of the massive Seoul travelling support.
The night was the friendliest family orientated football environment I have ever seen. Everything was done for entertainment and the players were the epitomy of fair play before, during and after the match.

As with all stadia built for the world cup there are also purpose built parks for supporters to gather. This is an ariel view from the top of the stands.
It is all very impressive and worth walking around. It's shame that one korean told me the stadium hasn't been full since the world cup


Chloe said...

you are always smiling, i love that.

Devil Mood said...

Steve, have you lost weight? Are the Koreans feeding you well? Do you need some home-made biscuits sent your way? :)
I'm kidding, although if you really want some I can bake them for you.
It's a shame that the stadium is so deserted, it looks really magnificent. It almost reminds me of portuguese league games...sad.
Now that I'm thinking, you probably look thinner because you're so fit - running to the top of the stadium?!! :)

Christopher said...

As you know, I'm not one for football but that looked very cool. Free of louts too.