Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Daytime geochang festival (part one)

So having followed the parade around town it finishes by the river and I get to take a few shots of what is happening during the day time. These lanterns light up the bridges at night and the flowers in Geochang seem to be enjoying the weather.
There are market stalls everywhere selling prett much everything. Just because the river front is full it doesnt mean the closed roads cant be used.
There are two stages, this one catches a quick demonstration.
The advertising balloons fly high for pretty much the whole four days. The tents seemed to be setup overnight as I hadn't nothiced them the previous day.

These people aren't just resting but making material goods to be sold on.
Traditional pottery being sold at 1000 won. This is about 60p.
Another handcraft stall. This time wooden traditional goods are being sold.
This picture is quite lame but the dance of the flag bearers was quite impressive. In about 2 hours this car park is going to be crowded with people.
There are fun and games for the kids
and lots to eat
and buy
This pig is quite an advert! He probably lasted a long time.

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Chloe said...

you know what caught my eye? the pottery. i'd make a sad tourist in Korea. :)