Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Jinju town

Last weekend I visited a city called Jinju. It's a medium sized city famous for its fortress and heroic town folk who valiantly battled against many invasions.
Jinju was seen as a tactically ideal place to control many Korean cities.
I actually wanted to put these photos in order but for some reason blogger wants to put the night time ones out first. I enjoyed all the bright lights.
The week before I went was a lantern festival but much of this reminds me of Seoul anyway.

I particulary like this flash board. That dragon moves and dances and shows 'analogue' quality tv reports. I heard all about Kim Jung Il just watching this.
The river is a mecca for kids
Beleive it or not this picture was taken from an e-mart. I guess Asia tries to blend the old and the new.

I liked this little boat on its own in the river. I have no idea if it was part of a show or anything as it just stands there.

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