Sunday, October 15, 2006

Life museum at Geonju

This is the life museum at Geonju. The buildings in the background are concert halls where you can here traditional and modern Korean music
I saw a Korean wedding while I was there. It was actually a play showing how they used to be so I wasn't gate crashing a real party!
There are many games and things to play. This one is where children throw arrows into a bucket. There is also a fun see-saw game where you can't touch a see saw if it touches the ground
Despite teh museum showing traditional activities it is very modern like the water effect behind me.
Teaching children how to drink tea properly
A marching band before the wedding
The view of Geonju

These huts are dedicated to war heroes of Geonju and have memorial tables inside.
The writing is still in Chinese as Hanguel wasn't invented til the 15th C.

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