Sunday, October 01, 2006

The teachers at Geochang festival (part 4)

As a nice suprise some of the teachers at my hogwan took me to the festival as well. Here we are throwing darts at balloons. It was fun and June (foreground) won a prize.

You can pretty much buy anything on a stick in Korea. As well as this sweetcorn you can get chicken, a korean sausage, many things in batter and rolled up fish meat. It's all quite tasty and usually about 60p (1 dollar or a thousand won) a stick.
Don't they look beautiful? Helen (on the left) teaches english grammar and she helps me out a lot.
This is my director who was driving on the evening. I still have to keep up the stereotype that we English are gentlemen so I gave her my cardigan.

All smiles at a fun festival. I had been treated a lot as I was doing home schooling visits that week.

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