Thursday, December 07, 2006

Around Gyeonju and such presence

Tagpole park. A kings garden.

I like the landscaping but I'mnot sure how original it is.

The museum with replica's of Gyeonju's most famous sites

The 'Emilie' bell. Legend has it that this bell was made by a small child and it's sound is like that of a child screaming which can be heard for 3 miles. They didn't let me ring it though.
Asia's oldest observatory. It stands as a monumnet to time in the use of 366 bricks (days were difficult to count) and 12 slabs at the bottom, each with it's own monhly symbol.

The entrance to a burial ground for many a famous king


Devil Mood said...

That's a cool place - it reminds of me a computer game I have Dreamfall.
Is the weather a little chillier now? You seem to be wearing a warmer coat!
How's the Christmas preparations over there?

Chloe said...

hi stevie! xx

DayByDay4-2Day said...

Happy Holidays Steve!