Saturday, January 06, 2007

New years sun down to sun up

So we headed down to Busan or more appropriately Haeundae beach for new years. Thought we'd try and make it a 24hr event and watch the sun go down and rise.

So during the day Cheryl tries to walk on water
and attracts lots of gulls.
We find sand sculptors
and statues. When it's Korean new year it will be the year of the pig or more precisely the year of the golden pig it would seem.

We wanted to catch a ferry while waiting for others to join us but missed it. The next day it was apparantly too choppy in the waters to ride (it blatantly wasn't).

So the sun made some interesting colours as we decided to find food

and check into a hotel. I don't know why girls want to wrestle me but who's complaining.
And we found a club to bring in the new year
With free drinks!!! and only a fiver to get in!
At midnight we missed the countdown do we headed out to the beach to watch the fireworks and greet confused koreans
and let off a few handheld fireworks of our own into the sea

apparantly the sand was freezing but some of us were clever enough to keep our shoes on

the lure of free strong alcohol had us back in a club and dancing


Cheryl said...

Ok Buddy, enough of the jabs. If SOMEONE wasn't wearing heels than SOMEONE wouldn't have to worry about taking off said shoes. Next time I'll stomp on your foot while wearing them.....when ever that is. Just you wait. X

Chloe said...

happy new year again. your friends are very beautiful (the women)!
(oh, and the men but i only saw the women)

Christopher said...

Looks like good fun. You were missed at our new years thing.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures, Steve Awesome :)
Happy New Year to you!