Friday, February 02, 2007


So on new years after everyone else decided to leave us, Cheryl and I decided to explore Busan. Coming from central Canada (which I keep being reminded is the biggest country) Cheryl has never been to an aquarium. It was pretty cool.
There were sharks you could take a boat ride with.
Yay, my photo's are out of order! So this is Busan at night. This bridge is pretty famous and spectacular during the day. The photo doesn't do it justuce as it was taken with full zoom from a long distance.

Ok back to the aquarium. Look there's a fish behind me!

The Penguins entertained us for ages. Because we're so important, this one stood to attention.
Yeah, I'm still silly.

These are the grounds around Beomeosa temple. They are well kept by buddhists so we (ok, I) decided to play around.

And we took a cable car up the mountains. It was quite impressive and the view of Busan is amazing.

Bunny fingers (cos I know everyone likes them)

And this is Busan tower. It's nowhere near as tall as Namsan tower in Seoul (see previous entries) but I still didn't get too close to the edge. It's quite impressive as it's set in a park with a (smaller) aquarium, art exhibition and many tributes to Buddha and brave wartime koreans.
Here's the the stillest photo I took.
Yep, she's a lot braver than me when it comes to heights.

This is Beomeosa temple that I mentioned earlier. I really wanted to get some shots inside as it's quite well decorated but I decided it was inappropriate as people were praying.
The temple is set up high in the mountains but it's worth the effort to get there. (We caught a cab)

Thought I'd try and show a close up of some of the items in the court yard. You can't really tell unless you go but everything is sculpted.

The lanterns are all made of paper and decorated.

Some buildings are more accessible than others.
Below are some photo's I meant to edit but they have been posted so long now that you can guess what's happening. the temple is still Beomeosa, it's quite a large area.


Chloe said...

the photos are very impressive. some more TEXT wouldn't hurt.

Cheryl said...

Must have stuttered. Second largest country........or you just don't listen....I'm going with that. Happy birthday!!

Chloe said...

oh yeah it's the 6th! happy birthday dear Stevie xx