Thursday, February 15, 2007

Those missing pics

Hopefully fourth time lucky. These are the pics from the last post. Here's megan looking out into no mans land.

Bridge of no return Post quiet time drinks. not sure who was offending who.
the line that splits north and south
No gestures, those north koreans have big guns.

Looking through the train station to the north.

Time for thoughts and recollection.
Freedom bridge at an innoccuous train station where prisoners were exhanged.
Don't mees with the guards.

The train into a tunnel that doesnt exist
your not allowed to take photos any closer (seriously there's a line). Holding your camera in the air clearly doesnt work.

the first train station towards reconciliation. Empty.

It's a little bleak sometimes.

Don't sign this waiver.

My souvenir.
the Geochangers on tour in Seoul with funky hats.

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