Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Seoul Grand Park

south of Seoul there is a a huge park which contains a zoo, an amusement park, an art centre and an expo convention. There was also an aquarium at a nearby shopping centre so we thought we'd take a look.

I don't know if Cheryl prefers playing with the fish or the kids but she helped the koreans feel the fish furthest away.
The turtle stayed fairly still for this pic in a shark tank.

If you enlarge these pics you'll see that koreans have wierd fish tanks, check out the tv's, fridge and washing machine.

A sea lion and dolphin show was realy impressive. I'll try and post some video.

There was a cool chairlift around the park that gave some great views.

Finally we ate dinner in an Egyptian restaurant. Thats right in Korea I have been to Egyptian, Morocan and Indian restaurants. The Japanese sushi doesn't appeal to me though.

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Devil Mood said...

Colourful! And that picture with the tv screens is so funny. Reminds me of the Rubik's cube :) I miss that...
I'm happy you're having fun!