Thursday, June 14, 2007

Deokgung palace and a shrine (nuff said)

big palace
hello king (and conky)
a procession of peps

Some spectacular waterfalls.

main building was closed for reconstruction while were there.
I had an amusing thought.

Interesting place to have a shrine and make gifts.

Should have mentioned this is all in Seoul FYI

Just have a graze around, see where sacrifices were made, etc. Normal day.

Insadong, a very famous shopping and tea place.

This tea is called jujube and it tastes a little like cinnamon and fruit. you gotta try these things while in Korea.

Adults spend a lot of the day playing board games in parks.


Devil Mood said...

everything looks so healthy and invigorating over there :)
I wouldn't mind being at that peaceful temple right now!

phish said...

lovely images. now that's adding one more place on my list of places that i need to see before i turn 80.

wwe bat 1234 said...

Cool photo's dude