Sunday, October 07, 2007

The real last weekend (party at my place)

There was lots of dancing

sleeping and drinking
Dillon just being sleepy
A few moments of drunken behaviour from Mick

Some dodgy 4 string guitar playing.

Stealing jackets????

making candles

playing on the balcony

Til we were told we were too noisy and had to go back inside.

Phil, Dillon, Cheryl, David, Chris, Kara, Mick (hidden) and Martyn at my place.

Jack and Steve chillin on the balcony
Cheryl and Sunny
Eating meat from a stick
or just playing with it

From dusk til dawn

Me, Mick, Jack, Cheryl and Martyn

1 comment:

Devil Mood said...

My God, that coffee table couldn't fit in a single extra bottle!
It is Korea but it could be anywhere else in the world, apart from the 'bunnies', course.