Thursday, July 27, 2006

Inside world cup stadium

One of the many things Korea is proud of is it's 2002 world cup squad. These fellows are some of the first people you meet upon entering the stadium and there are many videos describing how Korea shocked the world.
Ok it maybe a bit geeky but I can't help but wonder how many famous players got really nervous and used these facilities just off the main dressing room before a match. This may not look like much and in truth it is just a green room but that is artificial turf and used as a practise room before games.

I couldn't help but be manager for a few minutes (did I mention this stadium hosted a world cup semi final?) I had to get up and run though as security was coming. The locker rooms. i have to be honest apart from the medical room behind me I thought they were quite modest...
... but I don't really know what else you would expect in a dressing room.
Enjoy some pictures of inside the stadium. I'm not a big fan of the grey but then claret and blue was always more colouful.

Last time I ran up these steps I was getting ready for the world cup semi final... no wait that was a dream.
As close to pitch side as I could get without being whistled at. I don't think the guards liked me very much.

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