Thursday, July 27, 2006

World cup museum

This must have been the newest part of the museum as it recognised Korea's spirit and success in the recent world cup in germany. Thinking back to the games I think they should be proud.
It is a truly interactive experience (it is Korea afterall). This is a game of goalkeeping which as you can see (by the red balls) is difficult to do with a camera, there is also a game of shadow football (a bit like air hockey but you use your shadow to move the puck) and many other games.
Ah I recognise this trophy. Luckily this was awarded before the Brazilians misplaced (ahem) the proper one. Speaking generally around '66 one of the suprising things is that in Korea in '66 won their first world cup points and in 2002 the slogan was "Again '66". This time around it was of course "Again '02"

I feel that my earlier goalkeeping display earned one of these but they wouldnt award it.
a scale model of the stadium and surrounding area. it was built purposefully for 2002 and included a subway station.
How much would one of those for England v Argentina cost. Heck, we only won one other match and I'd be happy with a ticket for the Denmark game.
Group F reminder. I remember it well. It was interesting to read about other another countries opinion about certain Mr Beckham sweeping a penalty past some Argentinian.

I'm not really sure what this is but apparently there is only a handful of Brazilians, Italians, French, Argentinians and Germans that do.
Ok this is a bad picture but if you blow it up and look closely at the handsome fella on the left you may be suprised.

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