Friday, July 28, 2006

Namsan (Seoul)

What you see here is the Namsan district of Seoul. Well actually what you can see is most of Seoul pictured from the Namsan hills
I quite enjoyed my beer in the sky. This is towards the top of the hill just before you get to Namsan tower. You can walk or catch a cable car up this high.
Enjoy the view from the hills.

I should realise not to take a photo at night, without a flash, on a moving cable car but I like this picture from the route back down.
And this is taken from the top of the tower. There is only one other tower in the world higher above sea level and that is in Canada (though this one does cheat by starting half way up a mountain)

I took this to prove to everyone it was really me up there. It's shaky because I am not very good with heights. In fact i don't know why I was up there!
This is the kind of distance I prefer to see the edge from.
Thats right I went up there. Either that or the fancy hat souvenirs are quite tall.
Yes that thing in the distance. I went up and stayed for at least 10 mins (and about another hour with my feet on solid mountain ground)


Chloe said...

it took me about 3 hours to see all the photos but it was worth it! it looks so interesting there and exotic.

Linda Humphries said...

Love your tourist hat LOL that is a great photo Steve