Friday, July 28, 2006

Olympic park

This is the Olympic park which was designed for use in 1988.

It is absolutely massive. About the size of a small town and takes a long time to walk around.
It is built on the site where the oldest Koreans settled and it is still a popular walking area now. You can clearly see the bridge and still alight Olympic flame

as well as other sites from the games such as swimming pools and gymnasia. Around the village is a lot of art and sculpture designed to show off Korea's heritage

but there is also a lot of historical monuments, such as a prehistoric building and some ancient defences

The archways and stadia are all still used today and run by the university as part of it's physical education.

The museum is expensive but has a complete history of the games, opinions, greek mythology, de coubertin, and many interactive and visual things to play with.

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