Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Korean Theatre (Miss Saigon)

So we went to the theatre and saw a few humerous things. Firstly the amount of flashes that went off for the encore gave me the impression that I was allowed to take photo's inside!!! As Korea is a very private country I was disappointed to find out that even in the brothel there wasn't any semi-nudity! We had good seats towards the front as well.
This is outside the theatre, which they describe as opera house. (side note - having being writing American for so long it's really tempting to spell it theater.)

Don't we look sweet all dressed up. I asked a friendly Korean to take the photo and wasn't sure which one looked best so you get both! It was interesting following the production in Korean. They had even re-worked all the songs but the performance was top notch and if I could have understood it fully would have thought it amazing. I knew what was going on as I have seen it before in English.
Another shot of the impressive opera house. There were many funny moments in the play where some things were mis-interpreted such as when they sung "The American Dream" they had a cartoon video of the statue of liberty getting a boob job and humping an american dollar. Quite amusing.

Told you we had good seats. This was taken without a zoom. I wish I could have the set in as it was really good and moved very convincingly.

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