Tuesday, February 27, 2007

a backwards birthday post

First here are some pics from my actual birthday in Geochang at a place called Chingu ya which means "Hey friend". Here are some of my friends Martyn and Sunny.
I had to share my cake with the whole bar (as is Korean tradition) luckily my fans were kind enough to buy me two cakes! The flash doesn't half make it look like I've gone red.

Who did we give what to?
I'd love to tell the story but I really can't remember what was happening here.

So this was a triple birthday party including my own as we had birthdays within 3 days of each other. Like an idiot I have posted these so the pics of us drunk are at the top and the getting read pics are at the end.
See... I told you we were drunk.

Only the classy bars sell those background t-shirts.

There was some dancing amid the drunken chaos.

I don't always hide behind the camera.

Here are the three of us blowing out our birthday candles.

Here they are getting ready.
The birthday girls.
no I'm not turning the picture around.. they were levitating.

Our meal at Bennigans.

These pics were taken around the same time and i don't have another post to put them on.


Devil Mood said...

FUN!!! :D

Cheryl said...

Levitating were we? Well I guess that's what attracted you to begin with. We look much better not "levitating" believe me. lol

Christopher said...

Sure beats Blast Off