Thursday, February 15, 2007

A winter BBQ

So we went into the country (Gabo) for a bbq though it was a little colder and with more guns this time.
This was actually back in warm sunny Geochang playing cards, judging from my drunken expression I was losing.
Martyn preparing for his hunting.
Both of us (the women weren't invited) westerners felt a little funny at shooting the birds so we just kinda tagged along and took some shots at hitting paper cups. We hit a few too though I wouldn't call myself a naturel marksman.
And we had a little harmless fighting. I escaped without scratchmarks. Mowgli was so proud he hit a small and cute bird that it got plucked and bbq'd.
The feast was pretty good.
some people are always teaching whether they are her students or random family members of friends... of friends.
Like good traditional korean women the girls stayed back, kept the babies happy, prepared vegetables.
As soon as the cup went down it was gonna be shot at. If we hadn't drunk the contents first our aim would have been better.
Jack the galbi chef.

Mans work is never done. Better get the fire started.
Sunny and Cheryl were about to go off for a country work to get an appetite.
Hide and seek with photo's is cool at a cabin.

For more photo's of this trip visit Martyn or Cheryl's blog from my links of fellow Geochangers

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Cheryl said...

That was a fun day........and I'll give you scratches in the next bout don't you worry. Oh and stop being lazy and move your pic's the right way round lol everyone else does. X