Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Little Disneyland musical.

Our academy performed a musical, it was actually two musicals, speeches, performances and presentations.
in these photo's you may find Snow White and Peter Pan that were converted into musicals
some speeches from our really skilled students.
me looking silly in a prince outfit - though all my students said i looked handsome and i've never been given so many flowers before.
We hosted the evening and helped out with presetnations on jobs, cultures, countries and a few songs and dances.

We even borrowed from a movie classic.

The kindergarten can be really cute.

Everyone on stage for the finale.

some of the costumes worked really well.

A photo presentation of a year at little disneyland. I should name my blog something similar.


Cheryl said...

They were so cute!!! But I have to comment that there were far more than seven dwarfs..... but they were all tiny. One of the best parts..... Snow white singing about how to bring her back to life. Dead woman walking!!! Course the stage was stolen by a prince.

Devil Mood said...

They look so petite and cute!
Really colourful bunch! I'm sure they did really well and said their lines and sang like hummingbirds! :)

Anonymous said...

I miss the days when I would go see my kids at their school musicals.