Friday, March 16, 2007


Cheryl's iconic pose
A huge temple where many buddhists and the original scriptures are
It's a tourist trap. We were dragged into this restaurant. Often in Korea the food is prepared and you cook what you like.

So buddhists live on limited and needed items eh? Whats that satellite dish and security camera?
Most temples are set in the mountains on beautiful national parks.

The original carved scriptures.

Some famous tree we found. Try and read the sign.

It's spring but there is still plenty of ice around.

Even the rocks are carved into, there are many like this, I
guess the buddhists must get bored.


missy said...

How's teaching?

Devil Mood said...

If I were in Korea, I might have some nightmares with all those dragons and buddhas everywhere hehe
Bunny signs! :)

missy said...

Happy Easter!

fb said...

I'm very impressed and starting to believe I need to folow your example.

Please could you tell me about how you got started on this great adventure...