Saturday, April 14, 2007

Changwon festival

A new city in Korea had a bit of a party to celebrate it's fifth anniversary. Fortunately I had some friends who live there who let me know about it.
There were huge parades though the streets, many Makkoli tents (it's like a korean rice wine) and huge amounts of support.
Laser displays and fire work shows impressed the kids.
There was confetti pouring from the top of every building (and they are all tall in Korea)

Many strange tributes to other countries, lots of korean snacks such as silkworm lavae, octopus legs, roasted chestnuts and other things replacing our burger and hot dog stands
performances by many dancers

Balloons for the kids, especally cartoon characters with crazy faces

And finally a pop concert in the middle of a large roundabout. Each building fired off fireworks and we even shot off a few of our own hand held ones.
(sorry about the pics but they are taken with a rubbish camera phone as I forgot my digital camera)

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fb said...

Got your reply to my question! Thanks! Them monks need a satellite dish to watch football on! The security cameras are for when VIP's are close and they hide the TV! ;)