Saturday, April 28, 2007

Seoul tag park

a park in the centre of Seoul has many well crafted sites. The wall is surrounded with these murals of Korean history. As you can see the korean war is well documented.

There is also one of the major national treasures. You can read this to find out all about it.
Here I am in front of it being a waygook.

These bells and pagodas are very traditional
A full shot of the national treasure encased in glass.
Tried to show the detail on it but my camera doesn't work well through the glass

Someones probably been naughty.

This is on 'Jongno' or bell street
It's very impressive in the centre of Seoul with cars whizzing by. At New years they strike it.
Can't quite get a good pic, flash on or off.


fb said...

Got your message, ta!...just had an interesting work related call last Friday and hoping to find out on Monday or thereabouts!

Devil Mood said...

Bunnies, bunnies! :)
Seul is nice, must be a huge city. But I have awful associations with those south korean cities when I think of 2002 and that dreadful world cup :(((