Monday, April 30, 2007

Sumchunpaw and Namhae

this is a delightful little park called sumchunpaw.
Myself, Jack and Cheryl were taken by a nice korean with a photography hobby called Junjae.
He has sent some of his far more impressive photo's that I will blog shortly but until then you'll have to put up with my amateur attempts.
a river crossing
inside a green house
I'm not especially impressed with flowers and tree's but everyone else seemed to think they were good so i'll keep quiet.
Jack and Jeon Jae swopping photography tips.

There were less impressed with my West Midlands signs.

poppin in the green house

A camera battle.
This is in Namhae (literally translated as south sea) with a few nice islands and some beautiful spring time yellow.
The scenery was amazing.
As were the little walks. Especially as three of us were nursing sore ankles for on reason or another. I just like these guys selling stuff everywhere. This one sells roasted nuts.

ain't spring (or Bon) beautiful.

a traditional jetty.

I don't mean to screw up my face it was just a beautiful day and to get in the bridge meant facing the sun

We got candy floss or as the north americans say "cotton candy"

Jeon Jae is notoriously shy being on camera rather than behind it but i caught him by suprise a few times.

The beach was a little rocky but surrounded in the smallest crabs I have ever seen. I literally didn't realise there were there til i knelt down.

This was actually our first stop and provided a few interesting sights, you can see the yellow islands we were on.
I nearly caught a wedding parade but i'm too slow.


Cheryl said...

Whatever English.

Chloe said...

ah you are having fun! again. xx