Monday, May 07, 2007


My director took us to a mountain range/national park. Here is our chinese teacher and our korean english teacher. We stopped at a rather interesting though deteriorating restaurant on the way. Still there were some nice photo's.

this was a coffee house half way up a mountain Some of the views were amazing though we drove more than we hiked.
I really liked the don't feed the bear signs that were everywhere. I never had any intention of doing so, least of all hand feeding them.

Gimchi.... You wouldn't believe how many convenient car parking places there are.

Look I'm a funny guy.

I've actually cut down on all the pics taken (and this is just on my camera)

Sum Wing Won or as I call her Helen teacher (told you I was funny - look at the laugh) Chi Louse which I think means Che teacher

And my director who the kids call 'Mommy teacher' (cute I know)
Gimchi pots
This is a korean pose for wink.

A korean meal full of many dishes.


Cheryl said...

Did you call them Northern Monkey's as well?

Christopher said...

Quarry Bank isn't as scenic. Nowhere near...sigh...

Devil Mood said...

First of all, I love your white hoodie, or jacket or whatever :)
And you're tanned!
And that flowery bush in pink is amazing!!
And I wouldn't want to do the dishes over there, too many plates to wash ;P

missy said...

So, what's with with the V sign?

missy x