Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Daegu herb medicine market and festival

At a lovely little park in the middle of Daegu (It was quite a find as it was well concealed) we found an interesting korean display.
There was a lot of traditional things
instruments, dances, actions, bells, songs
re-enactments including what we assume to be a torture display (we didnt see it but heard screams and found a medieval style rack)
The gumdo kids loved us. I wanted to watch their sword fights but we were running later and had to put up with their WAYGOOOOOK! calls.

And for some reason break dancers to a traditional beat, If i can get my other blog up and running i'll show you.

Things took place all over this beautiful (clearly buddhist) park

I love the effort they go into, even with giant drums.

This is the entrance to a herb medicine market that is the largest in Korea. It has an attached museum for both this market and herb medicine in general. Suffice to say I left a little skeptically though.

Nice place, can't fault it on appearance and the things they have kept
Check out the gate they left as they built modern roads and buildings around the market.

And a lovely western style church to compensate for all the heathenry taking place inside.

The main things you could buy were turtle shells, deer antlers and other such wierd remedies that I wasn't sure were particulary herbs. We'll be heading back there for another festival we heard about soon.

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Cathy said...

Your photos are great; what a colourful event! And quite a surprise to see the western architecture in your lest few photos!
Glad you are well!