Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Last week a teacher from my school got married. Korean weddings are a little odd yet noticeably similar. This particular one was set in a wedding hall at the only hotel in Geochang.
Some of the odd things included a lack of vows as the husband and wife didn't actually say anything during the whole 20 minute ceremony. Some students from our kindergarten helped out the cuteness with a few songs and littering petals everywhere.
The chaos of getting a photo in Korea is incredible.
The husband rushes to the altar in the same way as an angry wrestler in the WWE enters but rather than attack anyone he energetically frops to his knees and bows to each set of parents sitting at the side. This picture was taken just after the traditional first kiss which the spouses and koreans in the room were clearly embarrased by. Next the husband gets on his hands and knees and does push ups while his new wife sits on his back.
The room is covered with everything from a smoke machine, bubble machine, petals and all the confetti and streamers you could never get away with England. What was remarkable was how quickly it was cleaned up (before the bride and groom even left the room).

I couldn't get any good pictures so I stole these from another website. In the same building after the service is a huge room for practically anyone you know to attend and a lot of food. I couldn't help but wonder how many people came for the free food as the happy couple didn't even attend this.

As always everyone was keen to see the foreigner so after posing for many a photo and saying my congratulations (wow he spoke english and she understood) I crept away.

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