Sunday, May 27, 2007

Daegu herb medicine festival

A few weeks back I risked skeptical awakenings and went to a herb market, with Megan, Jack and Cheryl who from now on will be known as Conky.
People making the stuff, rolling it, putting it into cabinets.

Jack and Meg trying some, this one was quite nasty.

People selling random things (I liked the turtle shells and antlers but wasn't sure if they were really herbs)
People growing it.

A rather tasty Ginseng drink that did keep me sleepy if not relaxed.

They turned it into soap.

Made pictures about it, of which I bought one.
As you can see everywhere was busy so I took lots of pics of koreans.

Nice friendly mascots.

they bottled and pickled the stuff.

Gave it us a drink - this one wasn't so nice.

they even fried it and it was very chewy.
lots of bottles that I don't think they knew what to do with so they just hid a few roots in them

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Dead man walking.