Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A bus tour around Gyeongju

You may remember I visited this place on foot previously and described it as an open air museum but there are many places you need transport to see so Conky and I took a bus tour. This grave was our first stop.
Surrounding the grave were wise men, warriors and lions. The scholars were a little mystery as there faces resemble those of people from west Asia and no one knows why.

I always like the photo's where you can see the background of places as korea is really beautiful and they choose nice places to bury their royalty.

The grave itself is surrounded by the twelve mystic animal warriors carved into the mound. Here are six of the most visible as some have eroded a little.

We stopped to eat by the sea. As you can see it was a lovely rainy day. The peice of rock to the right of Conky is actually a sea tomb. We knew we were going there but didn't even realise we were until we on the bus to our next destination. I really should have practiced more korean. Anyway this king wanted to defend Korea against ocean invaders and so he asked to be buried at sea so he can turn into a dragon should anyone attack.

Our next stop was a grotto built by buddhists with an impressive interior of purpose built buddha. No photo's were allowed thouh I did sneak as much video as I could on the camera before I got some dodgy looks. I'll post it on my video blog.
The outside was quite a nice place anyway so enjoy these next few photo's.

I mentioned the dragon earlier well this was his defence. These pillars are just about big enough for him to pass through and defend Korea. They are famous landmarks here though unfortunately one was being repaired during our visit. Still try and enjoy the size and beauty and check out the background scenery again.

Our next stop was a little annoying as it was really cool but the bus driver only gave us 30 mins there. This is where many images were carved into the cliff faces. It's thought to be over 1500 years old.

A buddhist dog - you can tell by the necklace.
Aside from all the buildings here are those cliff carvings.

It's a fun walk up to go and see them

This was taken by apond near a temple at our last stop.

Conky and Buddha had a hands experience.

Nice temple huh?
In the middle of the temple these pagoda's are very famous as they symbolise all buddhist believe which can't be taught vocally.

I'm not sure if these are guards as buddhists are supposed to be peaceful.

One favoured trick to prove patience is to balance stones. It helps your harmony.

It's the year of the golden pig and we found one in the temple though it looked like the year of the rat may have been reused.

So we had fun there, lots more pics to show you as I am seriously behind on blogging and this trip was about 3 weeks ago.

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