Saturday, August 05, 2006

A 2nd trip to the mountains (Monsan)

I was invited to a mountain cabin with my director and the parents of some students. It was a lovely day out and a lot easier than my last trip to the mountains as we went up in a car.
The cabin was lovely with an eating area for a bbq and a lot of games. We snacked on take away chicken during the afternoon.

Sky is sitting at the front and is from one of my kindergarten classes. She is very sweet.
This is Choo teacher. She is a wonderful teacher and I wish I had the same rapport with the kids that she does.
This game is played all over Korea. Its a little like connect 4 but you have to get 5 in a row and you can 'take' other peoples squares if you block them in like Othello.

There is a pond purpose built for the cabin and it has fresh clean water pumped into it. Before we got there and shook up all the silt on the bottom it was crystal clear.
We played in the water, splashing each other for a long time. The kids and the 'big kids' all loved it.

Ah the three all look very cute. Amy (on the left) is amazing at English for her age. She wants to be an interpreter and I'm sure she will manage it as she is better than my elementary school classes.


Cathy said...

Thanks for sharing your trip with us, Steve. Take care of yourself. xo

Devil Mood said...

That's so nice!
That hippy sign is immensely popular in Korea, isn't it? ;)
Looks like you had a good time.

Chloe said...

thank you Steve! i was wondering how you've been. your trip sounds like lots of fun. I especially like your little student in the first picture.